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seeing him in grave pain?Ten years later, I still wonder.Editor note: The patient name and other identifying details have been changed to protect his privacy.I have had several family members die over the past few years from terminal illness. Doctors have NO CLUE about the proper way to interact with family, and how to let patient die with dignity and in relative comfort. They are not taught to let the process proceed, and they instill false hope in relatives and friends of the dying. Death and dying should be a major part of all doctor training but it is not.The final three weeks

Wine lovers might soon see a ban lifted on having bottles shipped directly to their Maryland homes from out of state. Okay, probably not, but some lawmakers haven't given up just yet.

All three of these issues and dozens more, affecting millions of Marylanders remain to be resolved in the final three weeks of the 90 day legislative session.

The Maryland General Assembly is a little like a college kid, <a href=http://www.boutiqueuggmarais.fr>boutique ugg marais</a> partying and procrastinating through much of the semester until it hits home that finals are just around the corner. That seems to be the case again this year, perhaps to an even greater degree than usual. The reasons for that aren't exactly clear the parties certainly haven't been any better.

In any case, with three weeks until sine die, virtually no bill of consequence has made it to the governor yet. That's not to say many won't.

Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) will get a legislative package on sex offenders. He'll get a larger tax credit than he sought to offer businesses that hire unemployed workers. Lawmakers will overhaul the state's unemployment insurance system. And the state budget, which hits the Senate floor this week, will pass after much posturing.

But none of that work has been completed yet. If you haven't tuned into the 2010 session of the legislature, <a href=http://www.uggpascherhomme.fr>ugg pas cher homme</a> you arguably haven't missed all that much. But this would be a good week to start paying attention.

"Crossover" is next Monday, which means there will be a crush of legislation going through both chambers this week. In theory, a bill must clear one chamber or the other by that deadline or the chance of passage becomes far more remote. To handle the load, House leaders have already announced their intentions to hold two a day floor sessions toward the end of the week and to come in on Saturday. So expect some long hours.

Which brings us back to the three bills with which we started all of which would affect large swaths of Marylanders, are pretty easy to <a href=http://www.uggboutiqueparis.com>www.uggboutiqueparis.com</a> understand and have uncertain fates.

After several delays last week, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D Calvert) pledged to keep his <a href=http://www.imitationuggpascher.fr>bottes imitation ugg pas cher</a> chamber in session Monday night as long <a href=http://www.uggminipascher.fr>ugg mini classic pas cher</a> as necessary to debate proposed amendments to a bill that would prohibit the "use of a driver's hands to use a handheld telephone."

Sen. Pipkin (R Queen Anne's), who claims the bill is so overreaching that it would "make criminals out of virtually everyone in this state," has prepared about a dozen amendments inten
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