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tiffany uk Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!
lailemofTARİX: ÇƏRŞƏNBƏ, 2014-11-05, 5:55 PM | Message # 1
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Gwyneth Paltrow named People's Most Beautiful Woman

While I don't dispute her acting or singing <a href=http://www.tiffanyboxingdaydeal.co.uk>tiffany and co</a> ability, most beautiful woman in the WORLD? Yea, not on my list at all. She's skin and bones and does not represent what a real woman looks like to begin with. I am sure they could find a more beautiful woman if they stepped out from just looking at celebrities. There <a href=http://www.tiffanysale-uk.co.uk>tiffany jewellery uk</a> are women out there in <a href=http://www.tiffanyjewelryoutlet.co.uk>cheap tiffany jewelry</a> the world who have more outer beauty than Paltrow. Maybe what they should be looking at is outer inner beauty and look outside the Hollywood <a href=http://www.sacchanelpascher2014.com>sac chanel pas cher</a> realm for it when searching for the world's most beautiful woman. Using the term world is idiotic as well. I doubt they looked to Africa or the Middle East or Asia. Oh wait. I forgot. Hollywood is a world all its own. eyeroll

What? Not Reese Witherspoon. Don't you know who she is?

Honestly, "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" is just a sad statement about our species. From a male perspective, to walk through the grocery line, looking at a wall of magazines that all place so much emphasis on 'female beauty" is just insane. Fake <a href=http://www.outlet-canada-goose.com>canada goose jackets</a> nails, Fake Hair, Fake Eyelashes, Fake Lips, Fake Skin Color, Fake Boobs, Fake Personalities. Is there anything authentic about women these days? Personally, I love natural. I love women who care more about who they are on the inside, instead of what they look like on the outside. Way to go.

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FORUM » İDMAN » FUTBOL » tiffany uk Online Store,70% Off Discount!!! (tiffany and co cyber monday Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!)
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