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tiffany and co Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!
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Des Moines marketer Tiffany <a href=http://www.sacchanelpascher2014.com>sac chanel 2.55</a> Tauscheck

If Tiffany Tauscheck worked at Motel 6, she wouldn't just leave the light on for you. She'd fix you snacks. She'd give you a cool T shirt. She'd show you around town and introduce you to your new best friends.

As vice president of marketing for the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau, which estimates the caucuses generated $17 million for the metro, it was her job to coordinate the team that welcomed more than 1,500 out of town reporters to the Iowa caucuses. She tried to keep them happy and apparently succeeded.

As you might expect, Tauscheck has plenty of positive things to say. But even on the big night, after almost 20 straight hours of dealing <a href=http://www.tiffanyoutlet-2014.com>tiffany jewelry</a> with coffee chugging media types at the Polk County Convention Complex, she still radiated a sunny sort of competence. She combined "Iowa Nice" <a href=http://www.tiffanyoutletstore1.co.uk>tiffany uk outlet</a> with "Iowa Get It Done."

"I'm so pleased that everything has gone so well. There have been so many people working together," she said, dishing out praise for the Greater Des Moines Partnership and the facility managers at Global Spectrum.

The host team surveyed reporters after the previous caucus cycle, in 2008, and folded their responses into this year's plans, which started to take shape 18 months ago. Over the last few weeks, they assembled packets with information not only about the caucuses and campaigns but about local restaurants and attractions, especially the ones that didn't exist four years <a href=http://www.tiffanyblueaustralia.org>tiffany blue</a> ago. The packets included flash drives with photos and background video footage of local landmarks.

"We did our homework," she said. "We really wanted to give the media what they wanted."

And sometimes, what they wanted most of all was food. Major sponsorships from Google and AARP helped provide a feast of Iowa's bounty, with Graziano sausage sliders, Sterzing's potato chips, Anderson Erickson dip and Blue Bunny ice cream. Vats of Brandmeyer popcorn slowly disappeared, washed away with Java Joe's coffee, Sioux City Sasparilla and, as the precinct results trickled in, beer from brewing companies at Court Avenue and Amana's Millstream.

When Tauscheck was asked about her own favorite restaurants to take out of towners , she was diplomatic.

"Ooh, that puts me in a tough spot," she said. "I usually ask them what they're in the mood for and narrow it down from there."

Tauscheck grew up in Creston and graduated from Drake University. She reported for a few years on TV first <a href=http://www.blackfridaytiffany2014.com>black friday tiffany and co</a> for KGAN in Cedar Rapids, then for Fox 17 in Des Moines and started at the <a href=http://www.outlet-canada-goose.com>cheap canada goose</a> CVB about five years ago after a stint with the Des Moines Radio Group.

She and her husband, WHO TV reporter Mark Tauscheck, have a 1 year old son, Ty, who is arguably needier than the caucus reporters but also more forgiving. And he doesn't have the same platform to whine, a fact his mother kept in mind on Tuesday, the day of the caucuses.

"We made sure to send them off just as well as we welcomed them," said Tauscheck, who wrapped up Raygun T shirts for bigwigs like NBC's Andrea Mitchell and "Meet the Press" host David Gregory.

She also gave the shirts to "Morning Joe" co hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who were delighted. "They said, 'Hell yeah! Who gave this to us? Come get a picture with us. We're going to tweet about it.' "

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FORUM » İDMAN » FUTBOL » tiffany and co Online Store,70% Off Discount!!! (louis vuitton paris Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!)
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