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cheap seattle seahawks youth With Cheap Price & Authentic Quality!!!
lailemofTARİX: ÇƏRŞƏNBƏ, 2014-10-08, 3:03 PM | Message # 1
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calls negotiations a

The Michael Crabtree press conference just wrapped up, with Coach Mike Singletary calling this "a great day for the 49ers."

Crabtree sidestepped questions about his prolonged negotiations, saying it only that it was "a very <a href=http://www.cheapcardinalsjerseysus.org>Authentic Cardinals Jerseys</a> humbling experience. It made me look at the world in a different way. It made me look at my teammates in a different way."

Crabtree will not suit up for Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons but the 49ers hope that he can make strides during the bye week and perhaps be ready to make at least some contribution in the Oct. 25 game against Houston. (Crabtree, of course, is a Dallas native who went to Texas Tech).

During their last conversation before training camp, Singletary told Crabtree: "Make sure you stay in great shape. There are going to be no balloons, no parties when you get here."

Crabtree said hello to teammates during the morning meetings, greeting players with handshakes.

How can he win the rest of the 49ers over after missing so much time?

"It's the same thing with all of us: work hard,'' quarterback Shaun Hill said. "If he comes in and does the same thing, he'll have the respect of everybody."

I'll post the full transcript later in the day.

Finally. I was a pissed as anyone at Crabtree during his ridiculous hold out it was idiotic, counter productive, and set him up to fail.

BUT now that he has signed, I rooting for him. He part of the 49ers now. As long as he works his butt off and performs, I will continue to root for him, because I want the team to do well.

That being said, he better perform, work hard, and have a GREAT attitude. He has to show some humility to the fans and the organization. He left himself with ZERO margin for error I rooting for him, and will give him a chance, as all 49ers fans should (for now).

I with you, Mark. He has to go out of his way to fit in with this particular group of men. They, collectively, know that this could be a very special year for this organization, and they definitely won put up with any crap from this kid. Now that he one of my beloved 49ers, I love him like a brother! <a href=http://www.baltimoreravensproshop.org>cheap baltimore ravens jerseys</a> But Michael, don even think about your fragile ego anymore!! Leave it at the door and take advantage of this great opportunityyou been given. In time I think you can help bring this franchise back to it rightful place at the top of te NFL. I couldn be more proud of our front office!!

I disappointed that the guy held out for so long, but I very happy the 49ers held their ground on this one. As long as Crabtree isn a distraction for the team moving forward, he fit in just fine. This can only be counted as a plus as the team should improve and hopefully Jimmy Raye will open this offense up to include more Vernon Davis, more Josh Morgan and Crabtree.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem with offense is the O line, not WR.

Last point The shady NY Jets trades for Braylon Edwards same day Crabtree signs. I have no doubt given the Jets past, they tampered. Hopefully, the NFL agrees and punishes them by giving the 9ers more draft picks in 2010.

Florio breakdown means the Niners held their ground on the salary issue. And since MC largely burned his first year, the six year deal is sweet.

If he works hard and keeps his nose clean, this should work out well. We seen the OL generally can protect Hill long enough for deep patterns, as we watched Raye call more quick slants, etc., off short drops and Hill has shown he got a pretty quick read release.

This, then. becomes the perfect offense for a kid who only played spread in college, and has made his bread and butter off such slants. He big, has good hands, and can take the punishment of crossing patterns. Paired with Morgan, he (and we) should have a bright future.

So does that 6 years count the time that he missed? It seems odd to have a contract run out 5 games into a season six years from now. I hope he isn being rewarded for holding out. That sends a bad message to other teams about future drafts. So he <a href=http://www.cheapravensjerseys2014.com>ravens jerseys</a> was being <a href=http://www.cheapeaglesjersey.us>Philadelphia Eagles</a> offered 4 years for 20 Mill. That 5 million a year. Now he get 6 years for 32 million. That over 5 million per year. only 2 LBs) and still pound the ball <a href=http://www.cheapbroncosjerseys2014.com>cheap denver broncos jerseys</a> with Gore and Coffee. Crabtree got serious strength and balance, and looks to be slightly bigger version of Morgan. Plus, 3wrs and Vernon gives Hill more options downfield, and gore ain to bad at pass protection or dumpoffs. Now, if the OL can just step it up consistently

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