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louis vuitton pas cher Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!
ujoetroeTARİX: BAZAR ERTƏSİ, 2014-10-06, 2:26 AM | Message # 1
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Donica Mensing

If we expect every journalistic story to be a complete package, this example falls far short. It raises more questions than it answers. On the other hand, if we accept a role for shorter journalistic posts to highlight <a href=http://www.cybermondaytiffanydeals.com>cyber monday tiffany</a> information that deserves further attention and follow up, then this story fulfills that function well. No doubt others have pointed out the poll numbers regarding public opinion and climate change. What we need, in addition to drawing attention to the numbers, is more thoughtful and analytical pieces exploring why.

Many people have written about the possible closure of the journalism school at the University of Colorado, Boulder. This is the only article I've seen that challenges the rationale publicized by the dean and speaks directly to the possible dishonesty of claiming it represents an advancement for journalism education. That's a good topic for a follow up story.

This column challenges widely accepted, but incorrect perceptions about immigration, so <a href=http://www.tiffanysale-uk.co.uk>tiffany jewellery uk</a> for that reason it represents an excellent example of journalism. It would also be better if he stated the facts without his own editorial commentary: a "whopping" 1 million" <a href=http://www.sacchanelpascher2014.com>sac chanel</a> for example, is hard to agree with when he doesn't state what percentage 1 million constitutes out of the overall number of illegal immigrants in the country.

This is an event driven story that also provides good background about the reasons that the newspaper industry finds itself in such difficulties. It infers that the Internet is a major cause for the failing business model and only mentions tangentially near the end of the article <a href=http://www.sacchanelpascher2014.com>sac chanel 2.55</a> that the Hearst company took on a lot of debt just before the market started to fall. It appears that the troubles of newspapers are a "perfect storm" of technological change, demographic change, poor business decisions and the economic downturn. Others would also argue that the content <a href=http://www.saletiffanyjewellery.co.uk>tiffany uk</a> of newspapers also led to a lessening of consumer/citizen interest in what was being published. This article doesn't delve as deeply into those arguments, but does . More

The <a href=http://www.canadagoosejacket-outlet2015.com>cyber monday canada goose jackets</a> strength of this report is that it focuses on a difficult and contentious issue that takes a lot of scarce resources to do well. It provides statistics that would be difficult for an individual to find and visualize.

The weaknesses are that it doesn't provide a clear or easily understood way to put all the facts in context; to do much beyond find the numbers that support our pre conceived beliefs. The package itself is difficult to navigate and the stories aren't pulled together in a way that helps build a coherent view of the problem.

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FORUM » İDMAN » FUTBOL » louis vuitton pas cher Online Store,70% Off Discount!!! (black friday tiffany and co Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!)
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