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black friday tiffany Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!
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A World Of Bad News

Isn't it strange that only bad news seem to sell? And isn't it true that being surrounded by all these bad news many of us are feeling depressed and anxious seeing their future as very uncertain?

Here are some examples:

The above are just some randomly collected headlines in the press, nicely surrounded by some Ad's from Piaget, Tiffany Co, Cartier to name just a few, and which supposedly are the Good News . However, in the Editorials section the editors were talking about some of the real challenges we are facing, which makes me believe, that they are interested in finding new and unconventional solutions for the people and society at large.

People working hard on a daily basis <a href=http://www.tiffanyblueaustralia.org>tiffany australia</a> just to make barely their living are suffering, disliking, even hating their jobs and subsequently their lives. But did we do something about it in the past? Did we help them?

No, we didn't and we have only Bad News for them on a daily basis: Bad news about the economy, bad news about their jobs, bad news about safety and security in our society being threatened by terrorism and increasing crime are the ingredients for the growing fear in our fellow citizens. Fear as we know has a paralyzing effect on human beings thus cutting off the branch we are sitting on. And unfortunately Bad News sell big time

Beyond that we religiously believe in the world of processes and process chains everything programmed just if we would deal with machines and robots. Around the processes we created a set of rules, obligations, constraints and prohibitions.

Do you believe that we are creating happy human beings loving us, their work and their lives in an environment they perceive as far off from being sane and desirable? The contrary is true, because people are just <a href=http://www.outlet-canada-goose.com>canada goose</a> fed up, had enough with all this. They react silently but all together with passive resistance, carrying out the processes literally whether it makes sense or not. They are anyway not supposed to have an opinion.

Do you believe that this doesn't affect our success and our profit? Imagine, just imagine where we could <a href=http://www.canadagoosejacket-outlet2015.com>black friday canada goose jackets</a> be taking care of the human beings around us. Isn't it time to stop departing and start arriving?

Looking around don't you feel sometimes that we arrived at a dead end wondering that all the recipes of the past somehow don't work? Shouldn't we try then new solutions beyond our common knowledge and convictions? Wouldn't it be amazing and stress relieving coming up with Good News instead, showing people that there is more than hope for a prosperous and abundant future, that there is enough for everybody?

Let's remember that America is the country of Hope, the country where dreams come true more than anywhere else in the world. Let's give it a try, let's do it, if America can't do it, who can? I believe that you are a person who cares about people and I imagine that beyond that people indeed is your first priority.

During my years as a manager and leader in one of the largest corporations in the automotive industry I became aware that people and leadership are the issues of utmost importance, being the decisive factors of success or failure.

This is the reason why I founded the Institute for Life and Career Transition. I am offering coaching and training for corporations and individuals, anybody who feels that now is the time to truly change our way of doing business, change our outlook into a bright and promising future.

It is all about the Human Dimension and Caring Leadership.

Walter H. Groth

Institute for Life and Career Transition

It's our Mission helping people to search and find the diamonds in their lives by looking <a href=http://www.canadagoosejacket-outlet2015.com>black friday canada goose jackets</a> beyond common knowledge, know how and skills and living up to their highest version of themselves.

It's our mission also to train and educate company leaders to recognize where the true value of their <a href=http://www.cybermondaytiffanydeals.com>cyber monday tiffany</a> company lies, finding their companies diamonds and treating them as gemstones deserve.

Walter Groth founded the Institute for Life and Career Transition with offices in Laguna Beach and Munich. The purpose of the Institute for Life and Career Transition is to set up people to unleash their true potential and discover their true life purpose, and to re shape the way business is done in corporate world taking advantage of the Human Dimension and providing Caring Leadership.

Walter Groth has a proven experience of 26 years at large international corporations in different leadership positions and an unmatched insight into the Human Dimension.

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FORUM » İDMAN » FUTBOL » black friday tiffany Online Store,70% Off Discount!!! (Sacs Chanel Online Store,70% Off Discount!!!)
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